Telehealth Monitoring

Patients are able to play an active role in their own health by taking their vital signs daily and participating in meaningful electronic information exchanges with clinicians. This personal involvement, combined with education and timely clinical intervention, helps patients regain and maintain optimum health.

Doctors’ Choice is able to support our clinicians with proven effective disease management tools, including a full library of health and risk assessment surveys and clinical protocols that can help improve outcomes.

We have the data to determine the right levels of care while continuously evaluating and improving the patient care processes.

Telehealth Monitoring includes:



TeleStation has two critical roles in the care of patients:

  • Transmits vital signs data from Philips and non-Philips measurement devices

  • Enables interactive communication between care providers and patients via clinician-directed surveys, available in both English and Spanish.

Vital sign measurements collected from the wireless devices are sent to the TeleStation and automatically transmitted through an ordinary phone line to a secure server.

In addition, measurements from other supported devices can be manually entered into the TeleStation for transmission.

Clinicians can remotely control the information that is delivered to each patient’s TeleStation.

Flexible scheduling of surveys allows clinicians to send one-time reminders or to reinforce specific diagnosis-related topics – such as signs and symptoms of disease, medication and side effects, diet and lifestyle, compliance with care plan – as well as assess patients’ risk for hospitalization or other emergent situations.

Patients are prompted to take their vital sign measurements and to respond to surveys by the TeleStation’s audible beep.

Weight Measurement

Patients step on the low-to-the-floor, large footprint scale and hear and see their weight measurement displayed.

There are no buttons to push and the reading is automatically sent to the TeleStation.

The scale is easy to move and will function on either carpet or hard surface.

The scale has a maximum of 440 pounds, and for patients who need extra support.

Blood Pressure and Pulse Measurement

Patients slide the cuff up the arm and push a button. An audible beep communicates that the measurement is complete.

Results are displayed on the large LCD panel and the reading is automatically sent to the TeleStation.

Large cuff sizes are available.

ECG Heart Rhythm Measurement

Patients slip on the one-size-fits-all wristbands and press a single button.

When the light on the recorder goes off and the audible beep stops, the measurement is complete and the reading is automatically sent to the TeleStation.

Blood Oxygen Measurement

Patients slip on a comfortable finger-clip sensor and press a single button.

The pulse oximeter measures blood oxygen saturation level (SpO2) as well as pulse in beats per minute.

The reading is displayed on the LCD panel and automatically sent to the TeleStation.