Disease Management Programs

“Doctors’ Choice Home Health (DCHH) prides ourselves in being an industry leader offering a broad range of services & programs that are specialized to assist our patients. Our Staff assists the patient in making the transition to home care as simple as possible. We provide families with peace of mind knowing that their loved ones well being is our #1 priority.”

Doctors’ Choice is a Medicare certified home health agency.

Home care services offered include:


Doctors Choice Home Health Disease Management Programs

Doctors’ Choice Home Health has implemented a Disease Management program that is designed to promote health and healing.
  Our services are catered to the patients needs.


Mental Health

Every Patient is different with different needs. Doctors’ Choice recognizes these differences and needs. We have Nurses who are certified Psych Nurses trained to work with patients who have special needs. Our staff is seeking positive physical and/or psychological outcomes for our patients. Our Nurses strive to assist patients and patient’s families in adjusting to and promoting rapid Mental and/or Physical health recovery.


Wound Care

Doctors’ Choice offers certified wound care services to improve our patient outcomes and promote faster healing for patients who are being treated for the following conditions: Diabetic ulcers, chronic leg ulcers, pressure ulcers and arterial ulcers. We offer wound vac therapy and additional services for the healing of traumatic wounds, infected wounds, surgical wounds and burns. Doctors’ Choice also offers certified ostomy services for ileostomies, colostomy, and urostomies.


Cardiopulmonary Recovery

Doctors, Choice has investigated and found that many of our patients need daily monitoring of Cardiopulmonary systems after being discharged from the hospital after a negative event. Our Nurses, Physical Therapists, Occupational Therapists, Speech Therapists and Social Workers work together promoting a rapid at home recovery of our patients. Our COPD, CHF, Post CABG and other Cardio patients have the added luxury of a Telehealth nurse available to monitor the patients’ Heart, Weight, Pulse OX and telemetry through out the week.


Diabetes Management – New name?

Doctors’ Choice has on staff Nurses who will assist patients in understanding the disease of Diabetes. Through education, encouragement and understanding patients will receive the tools which will enable them to control and manage Diabetes. At Doctors’ Choice our goal is for patients to lead as normal lifestyle as possible, we want the patient to be in control of Diabetes and use our knowledge and years of experience to accomplish this goal.


Rehabilitation Therapy

Doctors’ Choice is committed to provide the best Physical, Occupation and Speech Therapy possible in the home setting. Our Therapists will provide patients with the exercises, knowledge and encouragement to attain the highest functional physical state and do it in the home setting. We focus on Strength, balance, recovery from lack of mobility and do it at the pace each individual patient can tolerate. We have specialized programs created for each patient to ensure rapid rehabilitation to the highest functional state possible.


Orthopedic Recovery

Patients who have had recent Orthopedic procedures such as Back surgeries, Hip surgery for repair of a broken hip, Total knee or hip replacement will benefit from our team of Physical and Occupational Therapists. If there is a surgical incision with new medications our Nurses will be called in to assist in the healing of these wounds and educate the patient and family to promote the healing and prevention of complications related to the surgery.


Surgical Recovery

People are being discharged from the hospital after surgery in record time. The chances of complications in the newly released surgical patient are very high the first few weeks after a surgery. Such things as wound infection, wound dehiscence (the wound breaks open) and lack of knowledge, related to self care, can cause dire consequences to the patient causing re-hospitalization, loss of limb or even death.
Our staff of Nurses and Therapists are trained to recognize complications and report quickly any complication to the physician that may cause a negative impact on the surgery. We will implement new orders from the Physician arresting current complications and preventing future complications from occurring. Our goal is the patients’ safety and continued recovery.


Stroke Recovery

A stroke is possibly the most single worse event a person could have in their life. We understand this and want to provide the best education, therapy and positive encouragement to our patients and patients’ families. One of the new programs at Doctors’ Choice is VitalStim therapy this new ground breaking procedure is done in the home by a certified VitalStim therapist to help a patient to learn how to swallow again.


Pain Management

Pain will have a daily negative effect on a person if not controlled. When a person is in pain he/she will have a difficult time interacting with others, healing will occur slower and those suffering from chronic pain will lead a less than desirable life. Doctors’ Choice will work with the Physicians to help provide the reduction of pain to a manageable level No one should wake up daily in pain with no relief. Our goal is to prevent pain from controlling the lives of our patients.


Infusion Therapy (IV Therapy)

There are times when a person needs IV therapy. It has been shown that people recover quicker at home. If a patient needs IV therapy it can be delivered at home. So rather than stay for weeks in an assisted living or rehab center Doctors’ Choice can help the patient receive the IV medication in the home setting. Our nurses will educate the patient and/or family to safely be able to administer IV medications at home with confidence and knowledge.



COPD Care Initiative is an evidence based, patient centered program designed to improve patient outcomes and reduce hospital readmissions. There are specialized nurses and therapists in COPD Management. It focuses on disease/symptom management, Medication self-management, and follow-up with a PCP/Pulmonologist. The program teaches proper use of inhalers/nebulizers, and offers smoking cessation along with diet and lifestyle changes.


VitalStim® Therapy

VitalStim® Therapy is a patented therapy process and equipment system developed specifically to treat dysphagia (Difficulty with swallowing). Patients with Choroid plexus carcinoma, Stroke Patients (with dysphagia), Pharyngeal Dysphagia, Carcinoma of the tongue and other disease processes causing dysphagia could all benefit from VitalStim® Therapy. Doctors’ Choice is committed to providing the latest up to date therapies for our patients. Our certified Doctors’ Choice Therapist can provide this treatment.